The sunset resort From Dusk to Dawn: Ololosakuan sunset resort

Hike_3Nothing brings a smile to my face than the roar of the 2000cc Subaru on open roads pedal to the metal. I have been accused of being a speed junky, that I shall not deny, but to you, I want to be known for my ability to give you awesome locations to visit on those boring days. I am Robert, Your road trip guru. Unfortunately, most of my trips will start from Nairobi.

On this first write-up, let’s go to a location so near Nairobi it will hurt your brains why you have never been there before. Whether you like serenity and a good breeze accompanying the sun’s red flair setting over the horizon or a ragged terrain, rock climbing and possible adrenaline boost because of the fear of falling, then this is the place for you.

The resort in question is the Ololosakuan sunset resort. A treacherous environment offering  steep climbs and numerous cliffs, ridges and seasonal riverbeds. It is a true majestic landscape devoid of all the hustle and bustle of city life.  This is a perfect location for team building during the day and camping at night, with vast lands to look over and bonfire lit evenings listening to the silent kisses of the creatures of the night.

Hike_204Hike_101 Hike_104

It also doubles up as the best venue for those nights you want to take your lady away from civilization to enjoy a very romantic evening. Visualize yourself sipping champagne or wine as you watch the most attention-grabbing sunsets seen on this side of the Sahara, and then retire into your tents for a peaceful evening or drive back home with your hands clenched together, applies only on automatic cars. You can carry your own meal but you will be charged a small fee to walk in with your food, in my case it was ksh 200. Take a leap of faith and visit this majesty of a place for a time worth your money.Hike_122


Ngong town is just a few minutes’ drive off Nairobi CBD, on a good day, you will spend a minimum of 25 minutes to reach Ngong town.  The location has two ways of approaching it, one through Ngong road and the other through Lang’ata road through Karen.  Once past the busy bus stop turn right and around 100 meters on turn right again. Drive on until where the tarmac gives in and the all weather road begins. Drive for about 5 minutes on this road and as soon as you start seeing the scenic Ngong hills you are almost near. ololo   Their website is

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  1. Linda Matole
    August 12, 2014

    On my bucket list already,thanks rtg for that exquisite review.

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