You Can Tour Kenya With Only Ksh 3000

Tour In Style

Tell any Kenyan about travel and you will be slapped with a furry of cost implications and complaints of how expensive it is . The myth that travel and local tourism is costly is just that, a myth. However, for the doubting Thomases, I am willing to cast a challenge every month and with only three thousand Kenya shillings in hand, tour and review places for you. I will inform you how far the amount has taken me and what that means in your case.


Why Ksh 3,000? The guy who gave me this figure was my friend ,Tony. He spends a minimum of this amount every weekend on what he calls entertainment (booze and girls). On events that he is busted by the Alcoblow guys, this amount shoots to anything between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 30,000.


To start us off, I was on the beautiful crater of Mt Longonot this weekend.   In this reviews, I will explain to you how my money was spent and what remained.Road trip guru logo

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