Climbing Mount Longonot: 6 essential Tips

the host for the  ultimate challenge show (on KTN) host Jack Omamo
the host for the ultimate challenge show (on KTN) host Jack Omamo

Mount Longonot is one of those places you can go for fun or for the challenge, either way be prepared. On the day we were there, the recording for the ultimate challenge show that airs on KTN was also being done. Following the group around gave me insight on a number of things.

Dress appropriately.

The terrain is pretty much dusty and steep with places that require you to put your bum on the ground. Do not go with a dress, skirt or anything uncomfortable. Invest in some hike worthy shoes, as this will help you avoid cones and foot injuries.

There is a stretch of fine magma rocks that can easily give one a hard time while on the ascent.

The whestling thorn tree. It is the home to ant colonies.
The whestling thorn tree. It is the home to ant colonies.

Hydrate yourself properly.

If you are going round the crater, have enough water with you and drink sparingly. Drink after every 30 minutes and not so much. The place is windy therefore; you will not feel too much sweat dripping down your face.  Drink only so much to avoid getting a stitch. Start drinking water way before the hike.

Walk light.

Once the vehicle is parked at the secure Longonot parking zone, strive to leave for the climb with as little things as possible. The lighter you are as you hike, the less energy you will use.

copyright Mahebo Robert
The climb towards Kilele Ngamia

Take your time.

The hike might take you a good three to four hours to accomplish but do not rush, take the climbs at your pace. Take this climb as a sexual experience, the longer you take the more you see and the more fun you have. It is not a quickie or a stolen sexcapade, this is an act of love making. (yeap, I had to :-D)

Be with someone

The best thing you can do during the hike is to have another person with you or a crowd. Do not walk alone. The ascents and drops will have you wishing you had not taken the challenge. However, if you have at least one other person with you to talk to, it becomes so much easier to push on.

copyright Mahebo Robert
Random framing. Never be alone.

Get a Guide

If you can afford it, do get a guide. The amount of information that these guys have is way beyond what most of you will ever get from the internet or research. It is through one of these guides that we got to know about the use of one of the plants called Leleshwa as a deodorant/perfume.

Directions are shown.
Directions are shown.

Have fun and enjoy the adventure that is the mountain.

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