Where are all the good girls? Hiking With a Group

The view of Mount Elizabeth from the view point along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.
The view of the Great Rift Valley from the view point along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.

The cheapest way to travel the country and know new places is through groups. When I started doing road trips, I had all intentions to use the cars available to me to traverse the vastness of our country. I did this for a good two months before my wallet got some deep holes. I found a solution to the over expenditure when I jumped in on an event that I saw on facebook.

What are the advantages of traveling with a group?

Less spending

Traveling with such groups is quite a saving. I was spending an average of Ksh 3,000 a trip, regardless of how far I was going. Halving this amount by joining a group of people going to the area was a good relief to my finances.

It’s already organized.

It’s not easy eliminating friends who want to join you on a trip and do not want to pay. It’s not easier on planning when you have reserved space for someone then they bail out on you the morning of the trip. This burden now rests with the travel company that organizes the hike.

More access

The places you can go to, as a group are far more extensive. You can access forests and forest reserves, go to some expensive places and have well-armed guides when seeing dangerous game. The price to cater for such expenses is spread across the many people in the hike/trip.

Explore new places

There are places that if you have never been to, you will not be able to think exist. These tour companies have done their research and to keep alive, they have to make sure they take people to places the rest are not going to. You are definitely assured of new venues and new challenges.

Meet new people and Network

Where are all the good girls? Hiking is my answer. Dating is an art and the environment plays a role in the first date. The girls who hike know their limits and are honest to who they are.  You can never fake it while going up that mountain or crossing that river. The ease to interact with people in a neutral environment breeds true friendships.

Take the driving off your list and enjoy the site as you navigate down to those scenic locations. This is far more applicable to people who have been driving to their locations.

Groups are all over facebook and online trying to get you to some awesome locations that I have never gone to. Some of the groups I have traveled with include Raiser Africa Safaris and Bamboo tour and Travel. I am looking to travel with more

Other travel companies include: Adventure Three Sixty Kenya,  Yolo Adventures and Safaris, Kenya Outdoors Tours And Travel, etc. Though many many more are out there, I vouch for these ones.

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