Price Hike: Should You Drive for That Hike?

When I started this blog last year, I knew with a level of certainty that I will be able to visit places around Kenya for as little as 2,000 Kenya shillings a trip. I had managed to go for at least three different hikes for this amount and I was planning on many more this year. I had praised most of these groups for their organization and wide array of places to go and had a number of friends try different groups to see if the praise sticks.

Ksh 1,500 would have easily taken you to a place like Ololosakuan last year , this year, that amount can only land you a walk in Karura forest.  The same amount last year got me to the Aberdare ranges. This year, a hike to the elephant hill is priced at Ksh 2,500. In a bid to understand why this has happened, I would like to invite the organizers to shade more light.

Fuel costs

We cannot peg it on fuel costs having gone up because all through this year the cost of fuel , particularly crude, has been on a slump.

Increased park services

I have not received any new material that stipulates there has been an increase in the entry fees for the various places that we go and visit.

More demand

Has there been so much interest from people who want to hike with you guys, such that an increase in price to reduce the demand was necessary?

What is your reason for the price increase? Bring me to the table and allow me to dine in your thoughts, because at this point, I do not see the need to pay you that much while a mere contribution of Ksh 1,500 per person in a saloon car can get me and my friends to Naivasha and back with change to spare.

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