Where are the corporate in all this Instagram madness? Can someone tell brands that we do not want to see their logos shot in every different way posted every twenty minutes, instead ask a creative to execute a campaign for you. Have a look at Kenya Airways. They have a field time engaging instagramers on its platform without forcing their branding on us, a reasons I attribute its insta-success on.  Where is Brand Kenya?


Instragram has introduced a new niche of photographers who are showing their locations like never before. The advancement of cameras on phones has played an even greater role in boosting this growth. There are new locations, new views and new sites that you did not know existed in the country that you are in.

It’s interesting to note that with every world wide instameet in Nairobi, there  will be atleast one foreign instagrammers who will grace the masses with their presence. Isn’t this a form of tourism? Isn’t this an opportunity to brand Kenya to the world? What are our brand Kenya guys doing?


This isn’t only on an international level, domestic tourism is also etched in the same way. WWIM11 was taking place worldwide on the 22nd of March, Mombasa guys organized their meet on 21st of March and rocked it hard. With this one day gap, there were some people who traveled all the way to Mombasa to be a part of the crowd there and the next day they were in Nairobi.

Take advantage of this niche and pull in the local tourists.

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