Fleeced In Paradise! A Paradise Lost Expedition

I’ve been to many place, I’ve seen so many faces but I have never seen so many signs depicting the level of fleecing going on at Paradise lost, this might just be me.

The number of times I have been to this place, I have managed to walk myself in and enjoy the splendor of Kiambu County through the trail and onto the lake for a quiet time. Many a times I have suggested this venue as a good place to couples for a time of their lives. Now I understand why most never came back to tell me how the experience was.

As we drove in through the gate, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the place had become. There was a horse riding area, a camel riding area and the numerous gazebos that dotted the landscape.

I was here with six friends with each of us contributing one thousand shillings for the trip. The bulk of the cash ended up at the tills as we bought food to last an entire generation of starving minions. The entrance to the place is Ksh 300 per person, pretty reasonable if you ask me. We knew hiring a boat to row will be ksh200 per person. So with a budget of Ksh 500 we were sure we’d be on the list of ‘top ten World explorers’.

We had our fill from our grab and promised ourselves we’d carry our gas cylinders and cook the next time just like the Indian families were doing.  We were bonding! We were planning! We were filled with energy ready to explore Paradise.

We jumped on the boat and for a good two hours or what seemed as such, we rowed from one corner of the ‘lake’ to the other, singing along to whatever tune came to mind and a corrupted version of “row, row , row your boat”.

After a good laugh and abusive moment we walked on towards the cave section. All jolly and ready to hike to the waterfalls, we trod on. “Nyinyi!!” She screamed “ Msiende huko!” Dead stuck on the track I stopped hoping that no goon had found his way into the area and was now harassing the tourists.


“kuenda kwa waterfall ni mia mbili!” She said stretching out her hands.

So I asked, what was the Ksh 300 for at the gate? Why should I then pay to go see the caves and waterfalls, which are not anything out of the ordinary.

Will I let anyone go there again? Yes, for the boat ride and camel ride. The horses need a lot more hey before I can let you go say hey.

Will I ever go back there again? No, unless It’s a dare.

Was the trip worth it? Yes, the company and the feel of family that came from visiting the place were explicitly worth it.

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  1. Njeri
    April 2, 2015

    I like the place. But the many many signs showing that they charge for everything is ridiculous at best. .

    However in my experience, going in the morning tends to be quite nice, if you enjoy the cool calm environment. And the best part is the money hungry attendants arent there. I got to explore the caves without any harassment.

    • admin
      April 2, 2015

      Now I know better, never going there after 10. The place is beautiful though.

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