Temporary passport: The easiest way to cross Kenyan borders

It is interesting how we have entrenched a last minute culture to our lives even when we know it can be risky. Going to the immigration office to get a passport is one thing never to be done on a last minute basis. We all know that government offices can be shitty places, but how can you safeguard your travel or opportunity in the event you need to be out of the country in a few weeks and the passport process takes  longer than a few weeks?

This is where the temporary passport comes into play.

The temporary passport is a light weight allowance for you to go to whatever country/region you want to go to without having your actual passport processed. It is taken only when the applicant is not in procession of a passport.

It’s the simplest thing to do at the migrations office; after walking in with less documents than required (you will be chased out in record time in this case).

What one needs are…

  • 3 passport sized pictures
  • A copy of your ID and the original ID
  • Ksh 300 in tow and
  • Yourself

Once you get to the immigration office ask the people manning the entrance to direct you to the temporary passport area, it’s usually less crowded. The first step is verification of your filled out documents, followed by the payment and noting down of your information and topped off by stamping of the document

In 3 short minutes, this whole process will be done and you can go back and start packing.

The beauty of this pass is that its valid for one whole year .


*The photocopy printing place at Nyayo house can give you the temporary passport application form for Ksh 5

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