Easy Guide to getting a passport: Kenya

For one to travel outside the country, there are some basic requirement, one of which is a passport. In my last post, I gave you a simple solution in the event that your passport will take long yet your travel is near, a temporary passport. I have not yet established how far the temporary passport can let you travel, but one thing I know is being in possession of a passport will open boarder lines for you.

The old way of getting a passport included going to the relevant immigration office, picking up a form and filling it in with relevant details before returning it to be verified and processed. But then came the digital revolution and the immigration department was not left out in the migration.

The new way is a hybrid of Digital and a long queuing manual process.  Though simpler and less time consuming, one needs to be tech survey to maneuver its terrains.

Log on to Ecitizen

The entire registration process is done via, www.ecitizen.go.ke . This is the Kenyan online portal to access government services ranging from passport registration, Driving license renewals and the likes.  Go to the immigration department link and click on Passport and temporary passport application.

Fill in the details

Be accurate with what you fill in as most of the things filled cannot be changed after submitting the final document. Counter check the document as many times as you can to make sure nothing blocks your passport processing chances.

Pay your dues

After you have filled the document, there will be a payment portal presented that will calculate the amount of money you need to pay. There are various payment options including m-pesa and visa payments. Once you pay you will confirm the code and an invoice will be made available for you download.

Print outs and Copies

You will require to print out one copy of the application form and three copies of the payment invoice. Have a copy of your ID, your parent’s IDs and birth certificate.

The forgettable

Do not forget to have your lawyer or pastor sign at the segment they are required to sign and do the same on the three passport size photos that you will have with you.

The final tracking token

For reference purposes, keep the final token very carefully. A loss of the tracking number might have you harassed on collection.

The wait

I smiled when I saw the sms telling me that my passport was ready for collection. The process took roughly 3 weeks.

Summary of requirements

  1. A printout of the filled passport application form
  2. Three copies of the payment voucher ‘Invoice’
  3. Documentary evidence of Kenyan citizenship i.e. Original & copies of birth Certificate and National Identity Card, or a Certificate of naturalization or registration and Renunciation Certificate of former citizenship.
  4. Three passport size photographs all signed by the person recommending
  5. A certified copy of the ID of the person recommending the applicant.
  6. For applicants who are below the age of eighteen years, the parents or legal guardian’s written consent must be provided.
  7. For applicants who are adopted, the original adoption certificate, clearance letter from the children’s department, and or, the Court ruling or award.


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  1. Antony
    January 3, 2016

    Just wondering,

    1.what if you are based in Kisumu, after filing the ecitizen info, do you have to travel to Nairobi Nyayo house to submit the documents?

    2. Will they take my photo or they will use the one in the ID or the ones I will submit manually?

    3. Can I pick the passport at the government office (county commissioner) in Kisumu?

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