What To Order At Kaldis Coffee House

Do you have a hard time picking from the menu? Or worse, picking a restaurant to go to? You are not alone. For me, the hardest task after deciding where to go and eat is what to order. I can take a while before deciding (a while), especially when I want to try out something new.

If you share the same kind of problem as me, I’m here to help you out: albeit just a little. I’ll be recommending a few interesting meals you can have at different joints from this food side of Road Trip Guru.

Today, my focus will be on Kaldis Coffee House Nairobi, the almost invisible, mellow music playing coffee house. Kaldis is always my go to place within the CBD, the only place that comes to mind when I don’t know where else to go. It is located along Kimathi Street just after the Safaricom centre on the same stride towards KFC from Nation Centre.

For a coffee house in the CBD, it hits most of the sweet spots. The prices for their meals are pretty much average and worth it; trust me. Their service is on fleck. (If you go on the weekend and want a personal touch to your service, ask for Lucky. He’s a cool guy. You are welcome) Their meals are filling; this includes the Sandwiches and Subs, things that would otherwise pass off as appetizers elsewhere.

Though you can’t go wrong with Kaldis, the space is a bit of an issue. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. The best time to go and have a meal is during the weekends or morning hours, before the rush for food begins as most times you will find the place packed with very little room to sit. Sometimes, sharing a booth with strangers might happen.

So, things I’d recommend you to try out when you go there other than their filling burgers? Number one on my list are their chicken wraps. You will love them. Besides being filling they have a sweet flavor to the juicy bite. Falling in love is inevitable.

Wraps at Kaldis. 'Do you want another Wrap?'
Wraps at Kaldis. ‘Do you want another Wrap?’

Second on the list, are their subs. Make sure to order them with extra tomatoes and something to drink, they can be a bit on the dry side.  For all the salad lovers, their chicken apple salad is exactly how you’ll ever want it to anywhere else. The apple is sprinkled with a bit of lemon juice giving it a tingle of happiness. Love it.

Next thing on my list to try out from their menu is their fruit salad with ice cream. Unfortunately, I always remember of its existence  when its being served to someone else and boy, the confessions that I have to make for breaking the tenth commandment have always been lengthy. So next time I walk in there, that’s my priority, Fruit salad with ice cream. I’ll tell you how that goes.

Breakfast at Kaldis
Breakfast at Kaldis

For their drinks, try the lemonades. They come in different flavors but their mint and strawberry are worth more than the Ksh 200 price tag attached to them. There is also the ice tea which has some awesomely confusing yet tantalizing zing in it. Finally, try their Milkshakes. I do not have a favorite in this serving yet but I am sure you will be singing to imaginary love making songs with every sip.

If you have anything else you can recommend, do comment below and I will be sure to follow up on it.

Our verdict: We Love Eat.

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  1. kat
    September 4, 2015

    Try their blueberry milkshake. Its really good.

    • admin
      September 4, 2015

      I have tried it once it was good. The sugar high after that was awesome.

  2. September 6, 2015

    The thing I love most about Kaldis is the consistency. Almost 4 years since I was introduced and the food is still the same. Fantastic!!
    Tried almost everything on the menu and the pepper steak btw will have you hooked! But so will the mushroom chicken. And the fish curry… And the Jamaican Jerk…

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