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If you have a sweet tooth like me, I have a place that will excite your taste buds. A place filled with unearthly sweetness. I decided to review a few sweet treats as an excuse to spoil myself (don’t judge me).

Last week I was at Garden City Mall along Thika Road, I passed by Tiramisu spot and their pastries just caught my eye and I knew I had to try them out being the sweet tooth person that I am. So this week, I did just that.

side view of the tart
side view of the tart

Tiramisu is a pastry spot that’s located on the ground floor of Garden City Mall, just after KFC if you are approaching it from ArtCaffe. It is between Galito’s and ArtCaffe. (They also have a shop that’s  located at Village Market). Outside the usual cake and cheese cake which by the way look very tempting, they have other temptations :-). They have tarts which are the best looking tarts I have seen (if you know of somewhere else please do share).  The tarts come in different flavors; chocolate, lemon, jam, apple crumble and strawberry. My opinion, strawberry is the best looking of them all, I didn’t try any this time, maybe next time. Also, I’m a sucker of strawberry. I can never have enough. They also have Cannolis in three flavors, vanilla, chocolate and pistachio. Their cannolis look cute.

oranges, look nice
oranges, look nice

If you read my first post, by now you know I take a while before deciding what to have. I wanted to have everything on their display. But the Strawberry Tart ended up winning as my wing-man ordered for muffins. The tart is really sweet. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being super sweet), the tart is an 8.5. It’s topped with strawberries and berries and some syrup which gives it the glossy look. The tart itself is like a hard scone cake. You are assured of getting a sugar high with this. The muffin however was a fair 5. If you are not into really sweet treats like me, the muffin is for you. What I loved about their muffin is that, they serve it warm. I love a warm muffin, it taste better.

My Wing-man's muffin
My Wing-man’s muffin

They also have beverages. A serving of coffee, tea and smoothies can be ordered and made in a jiffy. Their mixed berry crush smoothie is something you should try out. It is a mixture of crushed ice, mixed berries and ice-cream. Anything mixed with ice-cream is a win for me. The smoothie has a bitter-sweet taste to it which I loved. In my opinion, it might be a good accompaniment for the tart.

The pricing of these meals wasn’t anywhere crazy; I can bench them as an in-between of ArtCaffe prices and Java prices. Ksh 600 can comfortably get you a one person treat as you plan the rest of your day. With the space available at Garden City Mall, this should be one of those places you can take a business pitch to while at the same time, take that guy on that date, It’s September already!

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  1. November 1, 2015

    You had me at ‘Sweet Heaven’ nice to know I have a kindred spirit:)
    Great review and blog. You got yourself a new fan.
    Mercy @meruti.co

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