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A while back, my wing man and I went to The Mug for a date. I immediately knew I had to share my experience once I start writing reviews (which I finally have J). The Mug is a coffee lounge that’s located in the CBD of Nairobi. It’s on the ground floor of Jubilee Insurance House on Kaunda Street.

Their location is well `hidden’ to prying eyes making it’s good place for business and social meetings. It has a pretty chilled atmosphere that made us feel welcomed. I walked in and I liked it. Once you enter, the first thing that captures your eye are their good looking pastries. I was only attracted to the cakes (my weakness), which I knew I was going to have after my meal.

We had gone on a Sunday. So, the place didn’t have that many people. I’m not a fan of crowded spaces and places.  We chose our spot and took our sits. A lady waiter was attending to us. Before I get into it, here is the thing about me; I love the little things in life, a simple smile, a thank you, welcome and such things. You get the idea. So the waitress ,I think, was not having a good day that Sunday. She attended to us like we were the ones who  drugged her out of bed shouting obscenities.  That didn’t impress me.

Since I was hungry, I let it go. Their food is good. I had their potato wedges which I think are pretty good. My wing man had their burger. I gave it a 6. The meat was well barbecued and had some rich spicy flavor in it which I loved.  You should try it. For drinks, we had their smoothies which were just IT. Their prices however are a bit pricey. So if you are planning to go there, have a little extra coin on you.

The only problem I had with The Mug was their service. They really need to improve on that. I wouldn’t go back just because of their service. To me, good service is very important. I want to feel welcome and not like a burden. Other than that, it was not a bad place.

It is fair to say that this review is of happenings that took place a few months back, people might have changed and service might have improved. Have been there lately? What was your experience at The Mug?

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