Maina Kageni Road Trip Tour: Naivasha Circuit

The beauty of Kenya cannot be described by any single word. Every single trip to any part of Kenya will bear a difference that’s as enchanting as the view you’ll pass. Kenya is a scenic marvel. As the Chevrolet Trailblazer parked at the meeting point ready for the trip, the confirmation that this initiative is different from many was evident. The passion to showcase and discover new places in Kenya was shared by both the drivers and the crew. In this Leg of Maina Kageni road trip tour our destination was Naivasha.

look at me look at you

As I stood at the Shell petrol station watching the Chevy being fuelled, my thoughts scrolled through the possibilities of capturing the new things I will see on the road. I have been to this route hundreds of times before but the certainty of a new memory being made was lurking in the air.

With the convoy in formation, the engines purred and our drive down A104 towards the magnificent Rift valley view point begun. I love the feel of being at the edge. The therapeutic feel that comes when you drop your eyes down into the Rift Valley taking in all its beauty. That view always evokes a sense of appreciation for how insignificant we are in comparison to nature.

This tour was all meant to highlight the beauty that’s Kenya, one county at a time. This weekend, the county to be toured was Nakuru County, localized to Naivasha. Once we were out of the busy constructions of the city, the other side of the Chevrolet Trailblazer  was revealed. The awesome feel of comfort, ease in acceleration and in car entertainment made for a very pleasurable ride. What usually feels like an almost eternity drive to Naivasha felt so short that when we arrived at Buffalo Mall, my mind was still confused.

old meets the new

Buffalo Mall was the official Flag off point for this tour. For being the Leg sponsors, Keroche Breweries had organised a snack filled welcome. A guided tour into the industry, took us through the entire production process, from when the grains are stored to when the beer is ready for transportation. Maina Kageni was so fascinated by the production process. He called it the fascinating circle of growth, where the bottles came in empty, they are filled, Capped and labelled all in one place.

Keroche in the house

After the Keroche treat, we drove down to Lake Oloiden Camp site. I’m still not sure if they had created their own artificial lake or this was part of the larger Lake Naivasha but the place feels quaint.  Watching the sun curst its golden rays on the hills beyond the waters while listening to the calls of the pelicans has a very calming effect. I will definitely have to go back here and write a proper review of the place very soon.

The next day was spent driving through Hells gate. The wild animals grazing on the greens, cyclists’ chains cracking on the track, nature lovers slowly walking on the trek and rock climbers dangling on the cliffs’ edge. The location has great activities to be done. The most famous of them  all is the decent into the gorges that are Hells Gate. Scary as it might sound, it is an experience that you should try at one point in your life.

The beast and the road

Naivasha was worth the time spent. We spent time at The Masada hotel and the Lake Naivasha Country Club through this tour, but the number of available hotels and accommodation places are vast. Most of them with a beach access to the lake.

The location has a lot more to offer than what we could capture in two days. The splendour of Kenya can only be felt when you travel. Take the time and join the Maina Kageni road Trip Tour on their expeditions. We might just meet on one of the many trips and enjoy the scenic magical Kenya.


Special thanks to:

PichaClear film and Studio. (

Tembea Kenya Team, Kenya Tourism Board, GM Kenya for the Trailblazers, Vivo for the unlimited supply of fuel and the entire team I met during the Tour.

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  1. Peter Mugo
    December 15, 2015

    That’s a sure way of marketing Kenyan tourism industry and it will have a good effect in the end. Kudos Maina Kageni.

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