When I dared to leave!

It’s not everyday that the mind will agree to go against the grain, but when it does, it’s always bliss. My moment of unorthodox rebellion was a few days ago. Life had enjoyed beating me up proper. I was on the verge of a semi breakdown, pushing myself to the edge on the little fumes that were left. So when I saw the last straw, I bailed and took to my first love, Travel.

This was the first time I have done an unplanned road trip. One that had only the arrival point on the list, but no itinerary to it.  A road trip that I deliberately chose to leave my beloved ‘Bien’ behind and take to the roads with less control of my stop overs or my arrival times.

The lovely Bien. We’ve seen places with her.


I decided to run away, this time to the comfort of solitude and strange locations. Armed with at least 60 GB of video data and music to last me a millennium, I scavenged for the easiest means to a destination so far. SGR was my first bet but as I looked at the bookings for Wednesday on Sunday, the entire 8 am train was booked leaving me with an afternoon train that will leave me at least 3 hrs away from my destination. I wasn’t ready to sleep in the dark.

My most disliked means of transport was the only option to this, a bus ride to Malindi. To avoid losing a day, I chose to travel at night and wake up to a sunrise that would be proud of my arrival. I love strangers but I dislike buses, but the promise of the white beaches gave me a reason to persevere. As the bus’ turbos roared with the depression of Abdala’s heavy foot, I chose to zone out and await the arrival. I put on my headphones on and the music rung loud! I am really doing this!!

Nairobi at dawn
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