What’s all the fuss about the KFC sticky?

All through my history in the advertising field, one piece of meal has never been this advertised before. KFC has gotten on board influencers and numerous radio stations to just push one segment of a menu, Sticky chicken! This got me curious.

On one of those random days when the sun’s rays had spread their joyous tentacles across my day and my minions in the stomach were singing the tunes of ‘Oh glorious chicken’,  my mind rang to the adverts and my wallet asked why not?

Sat across me was the praised wings and one question in mind. Is it as glorious?

The servings can be better

I have had a sweet long distance relation with KFC drive through; I see them after 9 pm when I know I cannot head to a gas cooker to coin a meal. 3 minutes later, I have my meal on my way for some sweet vanity. The fries are what have been keeping me loyal; the chicken had grown bland on me.

So the thought of a new way to the chicken serving got me excited.

The sticky wings have a sprinkle of chilli sensation that cools off with the sweet blush of sauce. The sauce is the life of this party, the reason for the dance.

The taste of Sticky

The Sticky chicken is something nice, a teaser when hungry but a sweet savoury when looking for the zing on your tongue. The addition of Fries feel like an over kill as the sticky wings will devalue the taste on anything else around it.

Did I get the fuss about them? Yes

Will I buy them again? Maybe just once or twice

If you have some time to taste, sample the 4 pieces of wings and let’s have a chat on your thought of these sticky treats.

My Score: 7/10


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