Have you ever climbed Mount Everest? Neither have I, but I have been around to some places. I have seen where the sun sets, most probably the end of the world. My end is your beginning; we might have share a dawn or a dusk, or a light breeze over the setting sun.

Either way, how about you tell me your stories as I tell you mine? Tell me your adventures and I will share mine too. You know, I love a good laugh told in the frightening covers of adventure and a sad tale of a travel ended. Show me your travel bucket list and we can go together.


I’m currently based in Nairobi, Kenya

My Motto: Build someone else to be better.

Life has a way of spinning webs around you; it takes great courage and determination to stay untangled. This is what Road Trip Guru grew from, the knowledge that staying in yesterday’s position is but a trap to getting caught in the sticky web called comfort zone.

Robert Mahebo
Content Manager



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